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MOOC: Outro December 10, 2021 mooc This semester, I took two MOOC courses: Basics of html, css & js with IBM certified Coursera MOOC and Project management with Google. Both the MOOC Courses — week 4 December 2, 2021 mooc This was my final week for Project management course. I also browsed through the rest of the lessons in Web development mooc trying to get at least MOOC Courses — week 3 November 23, 2021 mooc I had a bit of a delay studying week 3, I found it hard to be consistent and study at a regular time of the week. Mostly I used a time window MOOC Courses — week 1 & week 2 November 7, 2021 mooc I’ve chosen this course because i wanted to cement all the fundamentals I’ve learned up until now and to understand what javascript does, how to On-line courses to study this semester October 11, 2021 mooc To be honest, it was quite difficult for me to choose only two mooc courses because there are just too many things I want to understand and know MOOC — what I find useful about this course October 6, 2021 mooc At the beginning of ws2021, we were asked to read A Guide by Palgrave McMillian, 2014 and write ten things or thoughts we found useful. As I read