MOOC — what I find useful about this course

At the beginning of ws2021, we were asked to read A Guide by Palgrave McMillian, 2014 and write ten things or thoughts we found useful. As I read throught the pdf, these things caught my eye:

  1. Before I start a course, I should decide whether the course is honestly appropriate for me and whether I do have time and capacity to finish it.
  2. and then create a time schedule for the course. Block some hours a week, when I know I will be able to study the courses.
  3. During the course, it is recommended to take notes, even better:
  4. to reflect what I learnt during a week / a part of a course.
    1. This semester, I would like to get into Zettelkasten system of notetaking, wish me luck with implementing the mindset!
  5. Find a learning community, interact in groups and share your thoughts and new learnings — this might help with my self-motivation issues.
  6. Finish all the course assessments in time.
  7. After the course, polish your portfolio and finish all the thing you haven’t had time to finish during the course. The sooner, the better.
  8. Reflect your thoughts on the course.
  9. Share what you learned with others to strenghten what you remember.
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