MOOC Courses — week 1 & week 2

IBM html, css, js & Google management

I’ve chosen this course because i wanted to cement all the fundamentals I’ve learned up until now and to understand what javascript does, how to input fields work, and so on.

The first week was a nice summary of what is html for, as well as css and js. The test was accurate and I had a feeling this whole course might go somewhere, all the exercises were proper. With the project management course it was same as well, but there was a difference: compared to the IBM «somewhere a bit wonky» learning space with some external addresses leading away from Coursera, the Google project management certificate looks way more solid and professional. There’s a person that guides me throughout the lessons and who passes the word to other professionals in the course. To be honest, this makes the course so much better I can’t even emphasise.

Week two was good as well with IBM course, but I can tell I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone despite its high rating on Coursera. I thought they would dive into more detail & provide me with some beyond basic coding knowledge”, but they don’t seem to yet.

Plus they do have a problem with usability in the course practicing canvases. I couldn’t load two out of four excersises yet, but I will try again this week in another browsers based on other cores, where it may work. But you know, you shouldn’t experience those issues in a course on Coursera backed by THE IT company — IBM. It seems they’re really no longer on the top of the industry and they’re receding..

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