MOOC Courses — week 4

This was my final week for Project management course. I also browsed through the rest of the lessons in Web development mooc trying to get at least basics of js out of it.

Project management

This was all about organizational structure and culture. And that you always need to keep updated not only the team, but also stakeholders and all of the bosses” above.

There are two types of company structure: The usual one, hierarchical, and the Matrix structure. The project manager’s role changes based on the structure. The structure helps us know our place in the company and who do we refer to. Classic is top-down structure, it has a chain of command, in this, you communicate directly with the manager and with your peers, but that’s it. In the matrix one, it’s more a thing of informing people who are not only your bosses, but also colleagues from other departments, who should be informed about any updates.

The culture of a company is also a huge dealbreaker when it comes to reporting. The policies, processes, values and atmosphere have a direct impact on your job, behaviour, informing the bosses, and so on.


I didn’t take much from Week 4&5 of the course, which was about javascript. I did understand the fundamentals even before the course, I already tried to understand the js. The problem is that I struggle with application. Better said, I have never ever come up with a line of Js, but I did with html or css - that was understandable for me.

So this course was not that useful for me, but I found another one, which I will take in the future. It’s issued by Harvard University and it’s called CS50.

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