MOOC: Outro

This semester, I took two MOOC courses: Basics of html, css & js with IBM certified Coursera MOOC and Project management with Google.

Both the courses made me realise some pros and cons of of MOOCs — I have to admit I do like quite a lot, that there’s so much information available on-line. I like this fact the more that they’re backed by established corporations and universties, so you should have some backing up on whether the information provided is truthful and relevant to the field of study.

However, I have to say, I was mesmerised by the fact how much can two courses differ. The Project management by Google was extremely well organised, structured, the video lectures were professional up to the highes level and all the exercises were interactive, working properly and looked great. On the other hand, html&css basics by IBM didn’t bring me much more new information or that much structure as I was expecting. Also, the quality od IBM backed course was way worse then the one backed by Google. Broken exercises, boring lectures, totally ooutdated website designs and approaches, and I could go on and on. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why IBM doesn’t belong to the top of the IT wolrd nowadays, at least in my eyes.

Their valuation is also constantly declining since 2012 — not that significantly, but it is. However, if I want to get a bit more proficient in this field, I’ll have to pick another course. I’ve already looked into CS50, but this one will taky way lot more time then the IBM one.

Up next MOOC Courses — week 4 This was my final week for Project management course. I also browsed through the rest of the lessons in Web development mooc trying to get at least Třetí semi- 💾 semestr pryč - reflexe Toto je článek, který sumíruje všechno, co se mi podařilo a nepodařilo během třetího semestru na KISKu. Něco se odehrálo on-line, ale něco ne! A měl
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